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IHEI will have strong impact and increase national level awareness on challenges and existing initiatives in internationalisation of higher education institutions; enhance human, organisational and technical capacities at institutional levels to promote efficient internationalisation and create a pool of qualified human resources to effectively implement reforms, using modern tools and methodologies, and finally strengthen the international institutional capacities, through development of international strategic action plans and joint strategies for efficient management of International Relations Offices.

Specifically the project has 4 main aims:

  • Modernise International Relations Offices of 6 Iranian universities via updating of IT system and capacity building (“train the trainer” workshops and visits to European international relations structures). Partners will disseminate project results in each region generating national level impact.
  • Draft 2 important documents for impact at macro and micro level: “White Paper for credit recognition and international higher education mobility in the Islamic Republic of Iran”, addressing one of the main difficulties for internationalisation of Iranian higher education and “International Relations Office Management Guide in the Islamic Republic of Iran”, for the harmonisation of international practices at institutional level.
  • Set-up the 1st National Network in International Relations in higher education in the Islamic Republic of Iran;
  • Promote national level dialogue to increase awareness of the importance of international relations and develop strategies for its development, especially regarding credit recognition and student mobility.