IHEI training on "Globalisation vs Internationalisation"

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IHEI training on "Globalisation vs Internationalisation"

Saturday, March 4, 2017

The first IHEI training on "Globalisation vs Internationalisation" has just been completed with success. It has been celebrated at the University of Shiraz and delivered by Pablo López Alonso,  from Glasgow Caledonian University, and Ester Boldrini, Deputy Director of OGPI- University of Alicante, and with the active participation of the six partner Iranian Universities, but also representatives from the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology of Iran.

The aim of IHEI project  is to raise the International Relations capacities of Iranian Higher Education Institutions by increasing their potential openness and reducing barriers for fluid international exchanges. Hence, IHEI will strengthen the international dimension of the Iranian higher education system via transfer of know-how, management capacities and good practices. Through the engagement of 6 Iranian universities, five different administrative regions of the Islamic republic of Iran are triggered. Additionally, 3 European partners are committed to IHEI´s goals. Through this project, the First National Network Internationalisation of Higher Education will be developed to harmonise internationalisation practices at a national level.